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  About Us      

Al Faransi Financial Services Company

  Board of Directors        
  Executive Management  

This a subsidiary of SFB, established 19 October 2005. It is a private company with a capital of SDG 1,000,000.00 of which SDG 250,000 is paid up (the capital is divided into 25,000 shares).

  Reports and Statistics  


  Current Accounts    

The shareholders are SFB with 99% of the shares and Juba insurance company with 1%.

  Saving Accounts    

The company obtained it trading license from Khartoum Stock Exchange on 28 November 2005.

  Investmentry and Financing  

(1) Buying and Selling Stocks and Shares or Clients:

  Documentary Credits  

There are two outlets for the purchase of stocks and shares either from IPO's (Initial Public Offerings) - at the Primary Market - at face value or from the Secondary Market where the stock and share is valued at the market price (supply and demand would have changed the face value of the said stock).

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  Bills Payment    

(2) Management of Client Portfolios:


The clients signs a contract with the bank to trade on his/her behalf. The basis of the trading is the Limited Mudaraba. The bank avails its knowledge, expertise and data to make profitable investment decisions (when to buy which shares and when to sell them.. ) based on feasibility studies. The clients avails the capital.

  Capital Branch    
  State Branch    
  Cash and rep. Offices  

(3) Liquidation of Stocks in a Timely Fashion:


When a client wishes to liquidate all or part of his/her stocks, the company receives a selling proxy  accompanied with the stock in question. The transaction is done at Khartoum Stock Exchange (KSE) at the prevailing market price. The monetry value is received on the same day of the transaction, but the certificate of the remaining stocks of the seller and the new certificate of the buyer will be delivered after ten days (as the certificates will have to be brought from the issuing company).

  Point of Sale    


  Alfransi fin. Services  

(4) Promotion of New Stocks:


Stocks are issued in two cases. The first is at the Initianl Public Offering (IPO) when the company is brand new. The second is when a company wishes to increase its capital through a Public Share Offer (PSO). This can be performed by companies like Al Fransi which is an authorised dealer at KSE.


(5) Financial & Investment Advise:


The company can perform this function because it has the following variables to assist it.. Price trends for the past period, predictions of future price trends, statistics, and the analysis of financial reports of the Public Limited Companies listed on the stock Exchange.