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Executive Management

  Board of Directors              
  Executive Management  


  Reports and Statistics   General Manager

Abd elkhalig Al samani Abd elrazig Ahmed



  Current Accounts      
  Saving Accounts            


  Investmentry and Financing   Deputy General Manager

Ayad Suliman Hajar

  Documentary Credits    
  Letters of Guarantee    
  Exchange Rates            
  Electronic Services              
  Bills Payment    




Assist. G. M. For Financial Affaires

Tag Elsir Hamid Abdul kareem

  Capital Branch    
  State Branch            
  Cash and rep. Offices              


  Point of Sale     Assist. G. M. For Foreign Relations

Dr. Haron Mohammed Adam 




  Alfransi fin. Services              


      Assist. G. M. For Legal Affairs

Seif Al Dein Al Faki Mohamed   

Assist. G. M. For Administration Affaires



Assist. G. M. For Investment and Finance

Al walid Fawzi Ahmed Al fadil 


Departments Managers

     Mr. Azhri Adam Ali  Internal Auditor Dept.
     Mrs. Adeeba Ibrahim Bushara Elsaid  Human Resources Dept.
     Mr. Nabih Mustafa Al emam  Computer & Information Technology Dept.
     Mr. Sief Eldin Elfakki Mohammed  Legal Dept.
     Mr. Abdulrahman Abdulla Abdulrahman  Administration Affaires Dept.
     Dr. Haron Mohamed Adam  Foreign Relations Dept.
       Investment and Finance Dept.
     Dr. Nazik Hamid Ali Al Hashemi  Compliance Officer
     Mr. Tarig Abd Al aziz Shido  Marketing & public Relations Dept.
     Mr. Faisal Mohamed Ali  Financial Affairs Dept.
     Mrs. Hnan Shibli Saaied  Risk Management Dept.
     Mr.  Faissal Abd Elhay Mohammed  Engineering Dept.
     Mrs. Khadiga Awad Zain Al abdin  Electronic Services Unit
     Mr.  Mohamed Abd Al Aziz Mohamed  Reconciliations Unit
     Mr. Nadir Mohamed Abd Alah  Central Operations Unit
     Mr. Abd Alah Al Haj Hamid  Executive Office