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33 Years of Success

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After the nationalization of foreign banks in Sudan in the early 70’s, some businessmen Joined by the Bank of Sudan (Central Bank of Sudan) initiated the idea of establishing a new bank. Later, a number of local and foreign corporations, in addition to, the public were attracted to invest in the new Sudanese Investment Bank which started its operations in January 1979 with a 7.5 million Sudanese Pounds capital. By 1993 the bank adopted its ongoing name of Sudanese French Bank. Growing steadily and achieving remarkable success. In voyage towards entering the international markets, the bank ended the year 2014 with nominal capital to 300 million SDG and a paid up capital of 195 million SDG.

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Aware of our responsibility to contribute to the social and economic development especially by supporting the infrastructure and service sector.

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Abided by Sharia law in our undertaking and transactions.



Committed to the profession code of conduct and ethics.

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Mindful of the role of qualified, skilled , trained workforce and technology as the underpinnings for success.

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We offer full fledged quality banking services to position the bank as the best choice for local and international customers, attract local and foreign currencies savings and provide finance in compliance with Islamic rules in our strive to enhance the owners’ equity and gain customers satisfaction.

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  Point of Sale


  Alfransi fin. Services

Deposit taker of all currencies.

Financing individuals, companies and finance portfolios.

Finance of Foreign Trade operations.

Management of time deposits and placements.

VIP private banking.

Electronic banking service provider (ATM, POS, etc…)

Trade, export and import banking operations (L/C’s, L/G’s, transfers, etc…)

Head Office

Khartoum - Qasr St

Sudan - khartoum PO BOX  2775

 83771730 – 83776542 – 83787868 (249+) :Tel

 83771740 – 83774832 – 83790391 (249+) :Fax     

 Web site: www.sfbank.net


GIIN:  EN9EKB.00000.LE.729